Scouting From Home – Tiger Activities

Hello Tiger Scouts,

I know you are all staying safe with your families at home. Its a big change to how we normally do thinks and is sometime inconvenient, but the most important thing is that everyone stays safe! Even though we all must stay home for now, we can still do scouting – Its called SCOUTING FROM HOME.

Some scouting can be done by you alone and some activities can be done with your family and your parents. If you feel like you want to take a break from school work at home, check-in here and look for some fun scout activities to do.

Week of March 30 – April 4th

TIGER BITES Do #s 1 & 2 and any 2 other on the list

  1. With the help of your parents or guardian, find out about good food choices and not-so-good food choices. What makes a good choice and what makes a bad choice. Identify 3 good food choices and 3 bad choices
  2. Learn and explain the importance of good hand-washing
  3. Tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable – Eat one o each
  4. Pick a job at mealtime to do and do it for 4 meals
  5. Talk about foods that are OK to eat with your fingers – list 4 ways to use manners while eating with your fingers
  6. With your family, make a plan for a delicious and nutritious snack & share it with your family