Scoutbook Basics

What’s Scoutbook?

To assist Scouts, parents, and leaders in keeping track of rank advancements, and other awards, as well as to allow for better communications, Pack 34 has subscribed to BSA Scouting’s electronic management system known as Scoutbook. Scoutbook is a Web application that makes it easier for our Den Leaders and Committee members to manage Advancement, Calendars, Pack administration and much more. Scoutbook is mobile device friendly and is an easy reference for pack leaders to see how your Scout is progressing throughout the year. Scoutbook is free for units as it is an official resource of the BSA Scouting program.


When you create a MYSCOUTING.ORG profile of if you receive a Scoutbook invitation from Pack 34, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Scoutbook account created for you via your email invitation. It’s important that you sign-in using the Login and Password listed in that email. Please DO NOT create a new Scoutbook account on your own. usernames and passwords are not used for signing in to scoutbook and the scouting app.
  2. Update your info by selecting “My Dashboard”, then update your “My Account” info: Update all the fields you can. Choose a new password, “Edit Profile”, choose a User Name, ensure your phone numbers are correct (especially your mobile phone). If you see a BSA Member Number please don’t alter it. These are used to keep track of training info, etc. After your “Edit Profile” changes are complete, update/verify your other “My Account” info too, especially the “My Connections” with your son.
  3. Update Scout’s info by selecting profile from “My Account” > “My Connections”: His/her den number should be listed along with the rank he’ll work on next (All dens, except Webelos II’s, automatically move up to the next rank each year after crossover .) Select “Edit Profile” and correct your son’s birthday, etc. Again, please don’t alter the BSA Member Number.

Scoutbook has become a “one-stop” tool for almost everything having to do with Pack 34’s Cub Scouts. Here are some of its current features:

  • Keep track of den and pack calendars. Subscribe to the ones you want and ignore those you don’t need.
  • Record adventures your son completes, keep track of his progress towards earning rank.
  • Den leaders will sign off on completed adventures, they’ll order awards and be ready to present those at upcoming meetings.
  • Participate in pack and den forum discussions.
  • Keep track of who’s in your den and in the pack.
  • Keep your profile info current and complete.
  • Add your profile photo. Photos are helpful for Scouts, leaders and adults.
  • Leaders keep track of training according to BSA’s standards.
  • As we’ll see in the year ahead, Scoutbook is a valuable tool that will play an important role. Moving past Cub Scouts, many Boy Scouts Troops use Scoutbook in the same ways we will.


  • Does this replace rank handbooks? No, Scoutbook contains a list of all the requirements, but the handbooks contain much more detailed and fun information. Den leaders will “sign-off” on advancement requirements with Scoutbook rather than in the handbooks, but the handbooks are essential for understanding the many fun and interesting things your son will learn while advancing through the Cub Scout program.
  • As a parent, must I use Scoutbook to have my son participate in Cub Scouting? No, Scoutbook use is not required, but it is definitely highly recommended. Although Scoutbook is a very helpful tool for both the leaders and parents of Pack 34, all boys will fully enjoy their Cub Scout experience regardless if their parent/guardian ever logs into Scoutbook.
  • How much does it cost for my family to use Scoutbook? Nothing. Pack 34 has purchased a subscription for use by the entire pack. Individual families and dens should not make any additional purchases.
  • How do I access my Scout’s records in Scoutbook? Pack 34 administrators enter each Scout’s profile into Scoutbook. A separate profile is also entered for each parent. Finally, a connection is made in Scoutbook between the parent’s profile and the Scout’s profile, which gives the parent full access to the Scout’s records.
  • What do I do once I’ve signed in and connected with my son? Please complete the empty fields in your and your Scout’s profile. If you wish, you can record past advancement info, awards earned, service hours, camp days, etc.
  • How do I get a parent profile? Do not create your own Scout or parent profile. Pack 34 administrators enter the parent profiles into Scoutbook. An invitation email is sent to the parent’s email address. Once the parent accepts the invitation, he or she has Scoutbook access. Be sure to check your email spam filter for the invitation email.
  • I have not received a Scoutbook invitation. How do I get one? Do not create your own Scout or parent profile. Contact the Cubmaster or your Den Leader to request Scoutbook access. Please include your name, email address, and the name of each of your Scouts in Pack 34. Be sure to check your email spam filter for the invitation email.
  • Why are some of my Scout’s awards missing from Scoutbook? If your son has earned awards before joining the Pack, you may add your Scout’s earned awards into his Scoutbook profile. Den and pack leaders will confirm those awards and they’ll be part of your son’s profile.