Calendar Setup

*** NOTE: All calendars are being served by Scoutbook now. You will need to remove the old calendar from last year and add the new calendar ICS link below. If you aren’t seeing events on the calendar this is why

– The most current update calendar events can be found in the scoutbook app calendar. ***

Den have their own calendars.  In order to makes things simple we are using Google’s calendaring application. The intention is to make it easy for pack parent to see what is happening when without being overrun with too much information.  The suggestion is to subscribe to the pack calendar as well as the specific calendar for your scout’s den.

Separately, Council events (such as adult leader training and shooting sports events) can be found on the Council website at

There are three simple ways to access these calendars:

  • Directly on the web
  • By adding them to your google calendar if you already have one
  • By adding them to iCal if you use that application on your macintosh

 Web Access

Click on the relevant link to see the web calendar:

Google Calendar

Click on the above relevant link.  In the bottom right corner there is a bottom to press to add to you Google calendar.


Click on the relevant link to add the calendar to iCal: