Adult Leaders

Adult registration

Thank you for volunteering to help pack 34. If you are not currently an adult leader with our Pack and are interested in learning more about becoming one of our unit’s registered, trained and uniformed adult leaders, Please perform the following:

  1. please communicate directly with your scout’s den leader and with pack 34 committee chair (
  2. please register and fill out an online adult application (create an account) – HERE
  3. complete mandatory youth protection training (YPT) online training on asap (Create an account) (YPT can be found in the upper right corner of my.scouting)
  4. review recommendations for respective adult leader position (links below)
  5. complete position-specific training on
  6. Go to the Trading Post at Marin Council and get yourself kitted out in a uniform
  7. Complete the Unit registration link below to
    • puchase your official unit neckerchief ($11) and
    • verify to the Unit that your YPT status is current


P34necker1Pack 34 Adult Leaders who are active or have accepted their new positions may register for their official unit neckerchiefs here:

Purchasing your neckerchief signifies your commitment to our Pack and verifies that you have completed/renewed your YPT.


“Every boy deserves a trained leader.” Marin Council is constantly adding training seminars to its calendar.  Their training calendar can be found here.

If you want the ‘ultimate’ training experience that BSA has to offer, consider attending Wood Badge.


Roundtable is the Council’s monthly leadership meeting, and it takes place the first Thursday of every month from September through June. The location is the LDS Church at 220 N. San Pedro Road in San Rafael. The regular session starts at 7:30PM and runs until 9:00PM.  Any Pack 34 adult leader, committee member, or parent may attend.  We respectfully request that each Pack 34 adult leader attend at least one Roundtable during the Scouting year.


Here is the official BSA adult leader uniform inspection scorecard.

Our unit requires that you wear the following for Class A:

  • Leader neckerchief
  • Slide/woggle of your choice
  • World Crest emblem
  • Council Shoulder patch
  • Unit Position patch
  • Unit numerals
  • Shirt
  • Blue epaulets

If you’re missing anything and don’t have time to go to the Council trading post, you can get it here.




Recent Posts

Scouting From Home

These past few weeks have been some of the most incredible days of my life. They have been full of preparation, the closeness of family – both near and far. acts of kindness and randomness. Invention and new ways of thinking. and also some frustration and uncertainty. These are days I will not forget for the rest of my life and I imagine you will not as well.

While a lot of our daily life has changed and we are all doing our parts to help flatten the curve of this illness. not everything has to stop. It may change a little, but we will learn new ways to be a scout and to participate in our scouting tradition, even if we are scouting from home…

Below are scouting resources to be used as you want. Maybe you need a break from schoolwork at home or from your Moms or Dads, or your brothers or sisters (let’s face it…social distancing sometimes is hard). Come here and find something fun to do. this will be a mixture of live online events (pack meetings) and advancement work or just some get out and hike with the family challenges.

Marn Council Bingo Card Challenge (click to enlarge)

Advancement Work

April Fun Activity Challenges

  • Hiking Challenges
    • 5 days in a Row Hiking Challenge – go for a hike of any distance every day for 5 days – record your hikes in the scouting app
    • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 mile challenge – Go on a family hike for each distance – record your hikes in the scouting app
    • Downtown Mill Valley to the Mountain Home Inn – Hike up from MV to the inn….If you go back down, its called a double mountain home. Record your distance in the scouting app
  • Home Economics Challenge – when your grandparents went to school, they had a class called home economics, where they learned how to do things in the house – how to cook, how to sew and much more. Try these challenges and help your parents around the house. Its fun learning new skills!
    • THE DISHWASHER – clean the dishes and load the dishwasher for 7 days in the month of April
    • WISHY_WASHY – Help with the laundry. either bring all the laundry to the laundry room and sort the dirty clothes by colors OR neatly fold freshly dried clothes – do this 7 times in the month of April.
    • HOUSE CLEANING CHALLENGE – Participate in a full family house cleaning party 1 day a week for April. One week you must be the leader.
    • THE FRIENDLY LABORER – Choose one home improvement project (with the blessings of your parent)
      • Plan it
      • Make a material list
      • Ask a parent to help you get the materials
      • Enlist members of your family to help in different ways (delegate)
      • Execute the project.
        • Ideas:
        • make a birdhouse,
        • Paint a wall
        • plant some flowers
        • change the lightbulbs
  • Exercise challenge – Make up an exercise routine and do it every day for 10 days

Service Projects

During this time of isolation, social interaction is missing from all our lives. Our friends and neighbors all need help throughout these hard times. It’s a perfect time for scouts to do a good deed and perform a service project for our community.

  • WRITE A LETTER TO THE REDWOODS – More than ever, Scouts can play an important role in our community by helping others. At the April Pack meeting (via Zoom on April 1), we announced a program to send letters to seniors who are currently sheltered-in-place at the Redwoods with no visitors allowed. The Redwoods would like handwritten letters with hand-drawn pictures. You can write the letters and seal them into an envelope and leave them at scout hall – I will put out a cardboard letterbox to collect letters in on the Mountainview side – hike by and drop a letter off. Bring a smile to a senior!! Add your name and you pack #
  • SEW A MASK FOR HEALTHCARE WORKERS. There are not enough masks around for all the doctors and nurses who need them. They need our help!! There are all sorts of ways to make masks. you can fold bandana, you can sew scraps of fabric. you can cut vacuum bags. Find a fun way to make masks to share with hospitals

Live Scouting Events

  • APRIL 16th – Bear Den Meeting – online Whittling Chip Course – A PARENT MUST ASSIST
  • APRIL 27th – Online (zoom) Campfire program !!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we’ll see how it goes. Den leaders, I will be asking for content.
  • May 6th, May Pack meeting.
  • Other Den meetings to be announced shortly.

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