Adult Leaders


P34necker1Pack 34 Adult Leaders who are active or have accepted their new positions may register for their official unit neckerchiefs here:

Purchasing your neckerchief signifies your commitment to our Pack and verifies that you have completed/renewed your YPT.


“Every boy deserves a trained Leader.” Marin Council is constantly adding training seminars to it’s calendar.  Their training calendar can be found here.

If you want the ‘ultimate’ training experience that BSA has to offer, consider attending Wood Badge.


Roundtable is the Council’s monthly leadership meeting, and it takes place the first Thursday of every month from September through June. The location is the LDS Church at 220 N. San Pedro Road in San Rafael. The regular session starts at 7:30PM and runs until 9:00PM.  Any Pack 34 adult leader, committee member, or parent may attend.  We respectfully request that each Pack 34 adult leader attend at least one Roundtable during the Scouting year.


Here is the official BSA adult leader uniform inspection scorecard.

Our unit requires that you wear the following for Class A:

  • Leader neckerchief
  • Slide/woggle of your choice
  • World Crest emblem
  • Council Shoulder patch
  • Unit Position patch
  • Unit numerals
  • Shirt
  • Blue epaulets

If you’re missing anything and don’t have time to go to the Council trading post, you can get it here.

Getting Started

If you are not currently an adult leader with our Pack and are interested in learning more about becoming one of our unit’s registered, trained and uniformed adult leaders, please direct your inquires to

  • Talk to Pack leadership about which role would suit you best.  If it is agreed to proceed,
  • Begin by getting registered via the national BSA web portal here:
  • You must fill out a hardcopy national BSA Adult application form and submit it to the Cubmaster and/or Committee Chair for approval
  • Youth Protection Training (YPT) is mandatory, and can be taken via the national web portal
  • Go to the Trading Post at Marin Council and get yourself kitted out in a uniform
  • Complete the Unit registration link above to A. puchase your official unit neckerchief ($11) and B. verify to the Unit that your YPT status is current
  • Note that as a policy our Unit subsidizes all adult leader application fees, but not uniform costs nor training

Important Program Modifications

Please read through the following link to ensure that you are clear on the modified (read: relaxed) requirements for advancement at each den level:




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